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Firefox Keeps Crashing

by admin on May 3, 2012

Firefox Crash

If Firefox keeps crashing, you will soon become annoyed with your browser. However, there are reasons why this is happening. Once you know the potential cause of this issue, you can find a solution.

Above all else, if Firefox is crashing you should make sure you are running the most recent
version. This will ensure that all the most recent fixes are in place. You can download and install
the latest version of Firefox at anytime by using the software update feature or heading straight
to Either way, make sure you are current with the latest version – this is one of the
most common ways to resolve unexpected crashes.


In many cases, an extension may be causing Firefox to crash. If you feel that this is the problem,
start the program in safe mode and then click “continue in safe mode.” This will give you a
better idea of whether or not the extension is causing the issue, since running in safe mode
disables all extensions.

If Firefox is no longer crashing when running in safe mode, head immediately for the add-on
manager extensions list. From there, disable all the extensions and start the program as you
usually would. If the crash does not occur, you know that there is a problem with one of your

At this point, you need to re-enable the extensions one at a time. This will help you pinpoint
which one is causing the issue.

Installed Software

In some cases, another type of software on your computer could be causing the problem. Some
of the most common culprits include: McAfee Site Advisor, NVIDIA Network Access Manager,
Roboform, Spector Pro for Windows, ThreatFire, Trusteer Rapport, and ZoneAlarm ForceField.

Crash During Startup

A crash that happens during startup is one of the most difficult to pinpoint. This is particularly
true if you are unable to start in safe mode. To ensure that you get the best advice possible, make
sure you allow the crash reporter to submit a report.

Below are some of the main reasons why Firefox may be crashing during startup:

• Problematic extensions
• Driver or video device issue
• Firefox program folder contains mismatched versions
• The use of a corporate login system
• Malicious software


Plugins are often times the reason for a Firefox crash. These programs work within Firefox,
allowing you to better enjoy sound, animation, or video. While working, these plugins can
enhance your browsing experience. However, plugins often times “go bad” and cause more harm
than good.

If you are having an issue with a plugin, you can detect it by disabling all installed plugins.

Some of the most commonly used plugins that can lead to crashing include:

• Java (Mac OS X)
• RealPlayer
• VLC Media Player
• Hulu Desktop (Mac OS X)
• WebEx (Mac OS X)
• Plugins that have been installed by malware

Crash when Downloading

If your program is crashing during download, you can attempt to solve this problem by clearing
the download history under the Tools menu. Along with this, delete the file “downloads.sqlite”
from the profile folder.

Damaged plist file – MAC OS X

On MAC OS X, a regular crash pattern could be the result of a damaged preference file. To fix
this issue, quit Firefox and then find the file “org.mozilla.firefox.plist.” Move this file to your
desktop (don’t put it in the trash). Upon restarting, a new.plist file will be generated. If the new
file is working, you can trash the old one.

JIT Compiler

When running in safe mode, Firefox will disable the JavaScript JIT compiler. If the crash does
not occur in safe mode, set the javascript.options.methodjit.* preferences to false in about:config.

Video Driver

Display drivers and video devices can lead to regular crashes. The first thing you should do is
make sure your drivers are current. Starting in Firefox 4, you can find details regarding these
drivers and devices on the Firefox website. Along with this, you can turn off the option to use
hardware acceleration – this may also solve your problem. This can be turned off through the
following steps: Tools -> Options -> Advanced / General -> Use hardware acceleration when

Hardware Issues

There may be a hardware issue with your computer that causes Firefox to crash. For example,
bad RAM chips can lead to this issue. To test for this problem, you can download Memtest86 for
Windows and Linux or Rember for Mac.

Crash Reports

With the help of Mozilla Crash Reporter, you will have an easier time locating the cause of
your crash. Once you have your report ID, you can post on the Firefox support forum for more
assistance. Those who read your report can give you more information on your crash, as well as
a possible fix.

Note: if your crash is common among other users, it may be listed in the “Top Crasher” section.

Additionally, your operating system may keep a log of crash reports. This information will likely
include the name of the module that led to the crash.

If Firefox keeps crashing, you will soon become frustrated. That being said, there are solutions to
this problem. All you have to do is pinpoint the issue and search for the appropriate fix.

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